Achieved their highest ever online sales in Dec. 2018 and 51% more than 2017

Shining Results

June 2018 – Jan. 2019 |  Theta and Theta+ plan


Higher Sales vs. 2017 (Nov.)


Higher Active Members


Lower Purchase Cost (1st)

Goals: Overhaul everything, rock the holidays

We created a brand new website on top of our Theta plan after Light Side Floats joined as a partner and used their Business Upgrade hours to help revamp their online systems, ads, pricing and marketing strategy. The new website and systems performed so well it showed a significant decrease in phone calls, customer service issues and and increase in % of online sales.

Website Optimization Before and After

What We Covered During That Time

FB Ads + Management

Brand New Website

Email Newsletters

Social Media Posts & Growth

Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Chatbot Flows

New Records All Around


Light Side Floats wanted to get everything set up in time to make a big impact during the holidays. After overhauling their website and many aspects of their marketing and online presence, we also developed a long-term strategy for 2019 to increase members further and incentivize retention.

20% higher total online sales compared to previous best in Dec. 2016

"We have worked with so many different companies for our marketing in only 2 years and none of them have been as knowledgeable, responsive or transparent as Bryce and Mariana. Just in the first month, they caught and fixed major issues with our website and systems while cutting the cost of our purchases by more than 50% with our ads. Highly recommended!"

Alyssa & Tom PalermoOwners of Light Side Floats

Added Benefits

More examples of what we accomplished for Light Side Floats through our partnership, which helped to free up time for their owners and management to focus on sales and giving the best experience possible in-store.

Higher Ad ROAS

Increased Customer Retention

New Automated Systems

Video Creation

New Pricing Strategy

Blog Writing

We increased Light Side Floats’ active members by 331% in 9 months compared to their previous 20 months.

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