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We bring nearly a decade of industry expertise to launch or grow your float center so you can step back and serve your community at a higher level.

Gain industry insight + expertise

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With grand opening and long-term results you won’t find anywhere else

We gained 202 memberships from our relaunch campaign (initial goal of 100). If you're on the fence and you're looking for the next thing to get your business out there, to get known and spike up your revenue, then More Floats is what you need.

There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Sean RicheyThe Float Loft

We've hit many milestones over the years that we've been working with More Floats, including surpassing our best month ever in total sales multiple times.
In Dec. 2022, we hit our latest with an increase of 23% in sales over the previous record and we are close to doubling our active members since starting with them.

If you want the best for your brand and the most out of your marketing budget, they're the way to go!

John KoyamaFloat Clinic

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us.

After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

Ryan ArikoFloat Station

We have been with Bryce and More Floats for a couple years. We started with them at the beginning of 2020 right before the pandemic, we actually had to close for a few months due to the pandemic. More Floats has always been a great collaborator and we've really seen tremendous results since coming out of the pandemic.

I sleep well at night knowing I have Bryce and his team keeping my marketing hitting on all cylinders and maximizing my ad spend for the biggest return on investment.

Jessie PuryearUrban Float University Place

Get raving fans with a consistent float practice

Retention is key to long-term business growth and providing your customers with the truly transformative benefits of float therapy. Our expertise and marketing systems give them a better experience from start to finish in order for you to easily turn them into raving, lifelong fans. Then, their 5-star reviews and stories sell it for you.

Fix all of your leaks and stop wasting money

Maintenance and cleanliness are core to providing a 5-star float experience, so why would you not bring the same level of care to your marketing? We’ll catch critical leaks in your current setup and recommend new systems to save you time and money while boosting your long-term profitability.

  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Automated systems to save time and increase retention
  • An extra set of eyes from experts in the industry

Gain confidence in the future of your float center

We’re constantly adding to our expertise, working with the top float centers worldwide and building a library of high-quality stories to educate and sell people on the power of floating. Elevate your brand to gain confidence with a long-term strategy and honest communication on what’s needed for the next level.

  • Unlimited expert consulting
  • Monthly reports and regular updates
  • Proven long-term strategies and results

Launching a float center? Get 100 members!

  • Proven launch strategy with 100% success
  • Build recurring revenue before you open
  • Get rid of all the stress as you launch
  • Work with the experts in the field!

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