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A Peaceful Escape

“I was gifted a float from a friend and enjoyed it so much that I had to keep coming back. It’s a peaceful escape from everything for an hour. And, I always feel more relaxed afterwards. I make it a monthly thing now. It’s my happy place!”

— Abbi H.


Feel Great in Your Body

“I’ve been floating on and off for years, but recently joined the founding membership to make it a regular part of my life. It brings a sense of calm and relaxation I can’t find in other aspects of my life. I love the way my body feels after floating too!”

— Jen S.


Be Pain-Free

“I love floating for the total weightlessness and sensory deprivation. I feel warm, totally relaxed and pain free after I float. I make a habit of floating every month!”

— Barbara M.


Free From Worries

“I loved how it felt how I imagine being in the womb. Floating, calm and free from worries.”

— Albert B.


Learn How To Truly Relax

“I’ve been floating for a couple of years now. For the first couple of months, my body worked up to the full hour. I couldn’t last even 30 minutes , then slowly the full hour. I grew up always having to “be busy”. As an adult my mind won’t shut off. I have been diagnosed with depression/anxiety. I also have a lot of aches and pains in my body. I now sometimes can feel when the hour is about up. Sometimes the hour being up scares me because I’m so in tune with every else. Now I can only hear my heart beat and that’s it.”

— Cheryl C.

And there are many more benefits for the mind, body, and spirit… ❤️ Why do you float?

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When you share your story using the post-float glow filter or through our video form above, you give More Floats Inc. and their partner float centers permission to share it in our marketing efforts to help educate more people around the world about the benefits of float therapy.

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