Industry-leading marketing at an unbeatable rate

We've crafted a unique model over the years to cover all your marketing, provide expert advice and set up proven systems to elevate your float center and the whole industry.

Avg. partner term: 2.3 yrs (up to 5)
80% avg. retention

Get more time and confidence by becoming a partner.

🚀 ROI-Driven Ads

Get stunning ads that educate and sell people on their first floats while bringing back return customers to become members. We’ll work to find what gets the best ROI, and each month you will receive a full video report.

🤖 Automation + Systems

We’ll analyze your float center’s current systems to find the biggest growth opportunities as we get started. Every month, you can upgrade your marketing with new tools or automation through our business upgrades, plus we can always add new systems based on what has worked best for our other partners over the years.

🧠 Expert Consulting

Book a call anytime to discuss strategy, campaigns, or systems to take your float center to the next level — we know what works! We’ll develop long-term plans for your specific needs and goals for the business.


📣 Life-Changing Stories

We’re building new systems to capture stories through your customers’ photos and videos that share the transformative power of floating in their own words. Plus, we’re investing in our library of engaging stories to convince more of your community to commit to a float practice and bring more awareness to floating around the world.

📩 Blogs + Email Blasts

Each month, you get a new blog post and email newsletter to promote your latest offers, educate your community on the benefits of a float practice, and remind them why they started floating in the first place. Plus, we can set up automated email systems to save your staff time and improve your customer journey!

📚 Educate on Social

We create and schedule a collection of educational content for your social media accounts that is curated for your float center to keep your community informed, active and engaged.

Optimizing the world’s largest float center

2:15 duration

Long-term value you can’t get anywhere else

Ask our partners, we'll connect you!

Do It Yourself

Perceived to be…

FREE(not even close)
  • Eats up all your time and energy
  • Stress more about the day-to-day
  • Worry if you’re actually doing it right

Theta Plan w/ More Floats

Everything you need…

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  • Unlimited ROI-driven ads
  • Scheduled social posts
  • One monthly email and blog post
  • Monthly video performance reports
  • Library of stories and assets
  • Unlimited expert consulting
  • Years of proven results

No commitment is required! Stay for the results.

Other Agencies

Unlikely to be less than…

$5,000USD / month
  • Bloated pricing from overhead
  • A cost that puts you at greater risk
  • Get locked into long contracts or complicated deals

Do It Yourself

Perceived to be…

FREE(not even close)
  • Unreliable freelancers and consultants that make a mess (we’re constantly cleaning it up)
  • Stay stuck, fall behind and lose time
  • Lack of consistency that hurts ROI

Theta Plan w/ More Floats

Everything you need…

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  • A clear gameplan
  • Insight from other top centers
  • Time saved from better systems
  • A growing membership of recurring revenue
  • Peace of mind

No commitment is required! Stay for the results.

Other Agencies

Unlikely to be less than…

$5,000USD / month
  • Get lost in a big sea of clients
  • Limited understanding of floating
  • More time investment to educate them
  • Wasted time in meetings and overcommunication
  • Lackluster results and ROI

Launching a float center?


Check out our launch plan and strategy that will get you 100 members before you open your doors! We've done it many times and would love to build strong foundations for the future of your center.

If you tried to recreate our team, you’d spend 10X our fees without our expertise and pulse on the industry.

We've spent nearly a decade figuring out the right systems, pricing strategies and ways to educate then sell people on floating as a long-term practice. Plus, we've packaged it in a unique model that allows us to provide you extraordinary value from being smart and efficient with our time and effort. Let us save you the time, energy and stress so we can elevate the impact on your community.

  • $176,780 = Avg. Marketing Director salary
  • $52,915 = Avg. Ads (PPC) Specialist salary
  • $54,816 = Avg. Social Media Specialist salary

💰 Total annual cost = $284,511 USD per year *

Keep in mind, this is the average cost from the middle of the pack (we’re not average), and you’ll need to find those experts who also know floating or spend a ton of time and money training and getting them up to speed. This doesn’t include media licensing, system costs, benefits or anything else. We don’t recommend this route… (Salary averages sourced from

We don't work with just anyone

What makes it a good fit for our partnership?

  • Growth mindset
  • Willingness to invest in your business
  • Willingness to be hands-off in marketing
  • Focusing on long-term vision and results
  • Open and honest communication
  • Mutual trust

With opening and long-term results you won’t find anywhere else

We gained 202 memberships from our relaunch campaign (initial goal of 100). If you're on the fence and you're looking for the next thing to get your business out there, to get known and spike up your revenue, then More Floats is what you need.

There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Sean RicheyThe Float Loft

Three words: Hire More Floats. The results I've received working with them is greater than any other investment I've made with marketing agencies before and I've worked with some of the highest priced fancy boutique firms in LA.
We've completely restructured our pricing strategy, got a brand new website that exceeded expectations, had our second best member drive ever, and surpassed our pre-COVID membership numbers in only 10 months. Start today with More Floats!
There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Michael RuskowJust Float (The World's Largest Float Center)

We've hit many milestones over the years that we've been working with More Floats, including surpassing our best month ever in total sales multiple times.
In Dec. 2022, we hit our latest with an increase of 23% in sales over the previous record and we are close to doubling our active members since starting with them.

If you want the best for your brand and the most out of your marketing budget, they're the way to go!

John KoyamaFloat Clinic

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us.

After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

Ryan ArikoFloat Station

We have been with Bryce and More Floats for a couple years. We started with them at the beginning of 2020 right before the pandemic, we actually had to close for a few months due to the pandemic. More Floats has always been a great collaborator and we've really seen tremendous results since coming out of the pandemic.

I sleep well at night knowing I have Bryce and his team keeping my marketing hitting on all cylinders and maximizing my ad spend for the biggest return on investment.

Jessie PuryearUrban Float University Place

All your questions, answered ✅

Is there any commitment to being a partner?

No, our partners stay with us because of the long-term results.

When you join as a partner, you can cancel after your first month within 48 hours of the month’s end. After your first month, you need to give us 30 days’ notice to cancel to ensure we have enough time to wrap up and hand everything back to you. We are often working ahead of schedule, so this also ensures that we are covered for work that’s already been done.

Is my ad spend included in your fees?

Your ad spend is not included in our fees.

Does your pricing get adjusted or do you have other plans?

Pricing can be adjusted based on various factors, usually the size of your center or if you have multiple locations. We do not remove any services or deliverables from our plan as we’ve found that this affects our ability to drive consistent results for our partners.

Please note that we are not always the best fit for every center because of the level of work involved in our systems and strategies. If you’re unsure, we encourage you to reach out and apply — we will be honest with you if we believe it’s the right fit and we can get the same success we’ve had with other partners.

What if I offer other services too (ex. cryotherapy)?

We have partners who offer additional services (like cryotherapy, infrared sauna, massage and others) on top of floating and we’ll discuss with you if your center is the right fit.

While we are able to include these services or packages (ex. float and massage pack) in the ads and marketing that we do for you, floating will be the main focus of our work as it’s what we do best and often needs the most education or selling. Floating should be one of your primary services with at least 2-3 pods, tanks, rooms or cabins. If you do not fit this currently, you at least need to have the intention to invest in expanding your services or to another location in order to be a good fit.

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