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Year In Review

Jan. – Dec. 2018 | Theta and Theta + plan


Less Cost Per Purchase (Up To)


Best Monthly Sales ROAS


Higher Summer Attendance

Goal: Build membership and community, improve retention, and solidify premium brand

Float Station joined as a partner after we launched their first location with great success, allowing us to dive deeper and build off our original foundation.

We worked to create new content on their blog, set up and improve systems for marketing automation, creating social media content and helping to grow their communities online, among other things. Finally, we found a boutique videography agency to produce a premium short film titled, “Let the Evolution of You Begin” showing the powerful benefits of a consistent floating practice.

A Glimpse Into What We Covered This Year

Blog Post Creation

Video Production Support

New Automations

Social Media Content

Consulting Calls

Email Marketing

Continuing to Break Records 🙌


Our professional Facebook ads and additional efforts using the Business Hours leveraged the powerful testimonials and premium experience that Float Station provides to win over new members, retain existing ones, and grow their business without any additional discounted rates.

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us. After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

Ryan & Katie ArikoFloat Station

We increased Float Station’s active members by 28% compared to their previous year.

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