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We gained 202 memberships from our relaunch campaign (initial goal of 100). If you're on the fence and you're looking for the next thing to get your business out there, to get known and spike up your revenue, then More Floats is what you need.

There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Sean RicheyThe Float Loft

We doubled our goal for founding memberships (over 200) thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us.

After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!
There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Ryan ArikoFloat Station

As a multi-business owner, I struggled to give the time required for online marketing and it was becoming a focal point for stress in my life. I was very fortunate to find More Floats… they love floating! Since joining, our sales have been 230% higher than our previous best month ever and our holidays were 446% higher than the previous December. Sales are great, but the peace of mind is second to none. I have extra time to focus on the future of my business and to spend time with my family.

Alex RobertsonFloat One Glasgow

After 6 months in, we felt we were reaching a plateau in sales and I was short in time and energy to do it myself. Having someone I can trust to take care of my marketing removed a big weight off my shoulders and freed up my time to extend my business hours. We started working with More Floats in October, in November we thought we had our best month in terms of sales and then in December we DOUBLED the sales of Nov which was amazing! I wish we started working with them earlier!

Stephanie BouchardMellow Float

I was in my first year of ownership, and after getting my business legs, it was pretty clear that something wasn’t going accordingly. We weren’t seeing the type of revenue that we needed to sustain ourselves. We had been looking at $250-$450 average for the day and now we’re over $600 per day. My nerves are a lot more calmer working with More Floats and seeing the results. More Floats is able to drive the ad budget to see that revenue come back so it’s not wasted. We’re definitely making an impact… as I head into my 2nd year I have a lot more confidence. Hire More Floats!

Glenn RunyanStasis Float Center

We’re a wellness facility with a variety of services and floating was the one we needed help with the most. Everything from the onboarding that they did was super easy. In December, we saw the sales nearly DOUBLED from 2022 and we’re seeing new people every week that say they’ve seen the ads. Highly recommend More Floats!

Carla CooperThe Zaniya Center

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