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With unlimited ads that drive more revenue to professional content for social media, we cover it all and give you exclusivity on our efforts, focus and expertise on launching and running successful float centers. We've been helping many of the top performing centers succeed since 2015.
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40% of our partners had their Best Month Ever + 90% had better sales than Dec. 2020 (3 more than doubled) Results for Dec. 2021

Gain long-term partners who know floating


Whether you’re launching a new center, preparing for expansion or need to fill your tanks, we’ve done it before and will get you set up, fix any issues in your systems and build off your current success. Our dedicated team has years of industry expertise to cover it all, save you time and pay our costs right away using masterful Facebook ads.

On average, our partners have been with us for 19 months (up to 4.5 years, 80% avg. retention rate each year).

We recently relaunched The Float Loft hitting 200% of their Founding Member goal in a 3-month launch campaign. Hear directly from the owner Sean about the results…

Lower Costs

Our ads on average perform far below the standard benchmarks, lowering the cost for you to win over new leads, customers, and members.

Increase ROI

Get more for your money. We focus on the most important key metrics to ensure the work we do brings in more revenue, now and in the long-term.

Retain Members

Our systems and strategies will bring in more new members and increase retention, so your recurring revenue continues to grow over time.

Gain Back Time

Everything we do is focused on efficiency so you gain back as much time as possible to do what you do best in the business (while enjoying life more) with full confidence in your marketing. 

Without Limits

We’ve removed credits and limits to our ad creation and consulting calls so that we can make or advise what you need, when you need it without any additional fees.

Full Exclusivity

As a partner, you’ll gain exclusivity and peace of mind within your advertising radius, where we won’t partner or work with anyone else so you can be the clear leader in your local area.

Our strategy and campaign gave one partner their Best Month Ever across the 9 years of their center Results for Mar. 2022

"We worked with Bryce to see if we could improve our Facebook advertising and increase our membership past a ceiling we'd hit in our numbers. In only 5 months of their strategy and work, we increased our membership by 50%, consistently increased attendance, along with improving our retention as well.

There was a big shift in our business thanks to their expertise and we'd highly recommend their services!"

— Anton Kuznetsov, Float Culture

Increased active members for one partner by 1300% compared to the previous year

"We had our best week and month ever the first month - and it was a huge help in launching our second center! Every month after, we've continued to get much better returns and lower costs to bring in purchases.

The ROI is very clear and always better than I expect. Some of our best performing ads are simply reminding customers to come back without any promotion! I don't have to worry about our ads anymore, plus our website got a massive upgrade and they constantly have great ideas to bring forward for the business. Highly recommended!"

461% Monthly ROAS | +26% increase in returning customers | Feb. 2018 | Partner since Dec. 2017

— Dylan Brown, Tao Float Loft

Get Monthly Reports that Break Records


We will keep you up-to-date on the most important metrics for your ads and overall with your float center, while we take care of everything for you. Get the key metrics shown clearly, without all the clutter, so you’re confident in the results we are driving for your center.

* Actual first-month results from a client’s report. Please note our tracking and reports are currently being upgraded to adjust to recent changes in the industry related to IOS14. 

See Our Case Studies
Watch the sales grow and exceed your goals with our expert advice, upgrades, and ads covering all aspects of your business.
We’ll bring in first-time floaters every month and win them over as members to keep driving your sales higher.
See the return on ad spend (investment) from your Facebook ads and how it fits into the bigger picture of how we’re improving your business.
Keep track of any current promotions and key goals for that month with the most important metrics customized to your center and strategy.
Discover how much each purchase costs from your ads and watch it decrease over time.
Get clear metrics on how much revenue is coming from your ads and stay up to date on what you’re spending.

"More Floats were a great help to Float Hub as we prepared to, and launched our float centre. Dealing with so many reports at once during the build phase was heading for overwhelm, and it was a massive comfort to have capable marketers involved who really understand floating, as well as the paths clients take as they prepare to experience it.

They delivered a beautiful website in a tight timeframe, created a buzz around our launch, and helped us to quickly establish a valuable membership base. In ~3 months we reached #1 out of 800+ spas on TripAdvisor in London, which wouldn't have been possible without the early guidance & buzz More Floats delivered."

Helped launch in 2019 | Partner since April 2019

— Tom Euinton, Float Hub

Performance across all partners was 331% higher than avg. across all industries (Facebook ads, CTR, Aug. 2021)

Our tanks are currently full and we're upgrading our systems for even better results,
apply to join our waitlist for the holidays or 2023.

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$ 2,500

USD Per Month
  • Unlimited Facebook Ads 💰
  • Unlimited Consulting Calls ☎️
  • Full Social Media Pack 💬
  • 2 Business Upgrades 🚀
  • One Educational Blog Post ✏️
  • One Scheduled Email Blast 📩
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Floating Stock Photo & Videos
  • Monthly Strategy & Reports
  • Weekly Updates & Insights
  • $350+ Savings On Tools & Assets
  • Discounted Rates (20% off)
  • $1,000 Per Additional Location
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🚀 Launching a new center? We have a 100% success rate gaining at least 100 members before your doors open! See our guide and case studies showing our track record of successfully launching float centers around the world.

See KPIs that make your business thrive, save time to focus on what you do best!

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us. After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

Helped launch in 2016 | Partner since Nov. 2017

— Ryan Ariko, Float Station

Access a diverse collection of photos and video on floating

We’ve partnered with Art of the Float to gain high-quality photos and video so your website, ads and marketing showcase your business at their best at no extra cost to you

We relaunched a float center under new ownership, doubled their Founding Members goal (202) and had their best month ever in total sales compared to past years in the first month Results for Aug. 2022, compared to historical sales

Get all your questions answered with our strategy + expertise

What's covered within the unlimited consulting calls?

This is one of the most valuable pieces of becoming a partner with us! As a partner, you’ll gain access to unlimited consulting calls that can be used to discuss strategy across almost every aspect of running and improving your float center. We have nearly a decade of experience with floating personally, along with a wide range of industry experience launching and marketing float centers successfully all around the world. Along with this, we pull from our greater knowledge and experience with marketing, sales, pricing strategy and more to help guide you through every stage of your float center.

Here’s a few examples of where we can help:

  • Struggling with hiring or retaining employees?
  • Losing more members than you’re gaining them?
  • New competition opened up in your area?
  • Hit a ceiling with your membership?
  • Stuck in a loop of endless promotions with little growth?
  • Dealing with construction or permit delays for your launch?
  • …and so much more!

What about the recent changes with IOS 14 and issues with tracking?

Great question! We’ve been working incredibly hard over the last 3-4 months to discover the best ways to address this both from the recommendations of Facebook along with industry experts around the world.

After a lot of hard work we iterated and developed a new strategy to improve what we do for our partners that resulted in an average drop in advertising costs by 29% across all of our partners in only one month (highest was 68% on one account). 

While it’s true that we unfortunately no longer have the same ability to track purchases as clearly or simply as we did before through Facebook’s systems, we now have to look at other key metrics of your business and the bigger picture of what’s going on, which is already something that we were doing and specializing in. This is because a lot of the strategy and other work that we do for our partners has impacts all across the business, not just directly with the ads. We’ll work with you to determine what these key metrics are and will continue to use the other data we have available with the ads to gauge their performance, while continuing to improve on what we do with them to make their impact on the business larger and more obvious with the data we do have.

How do I start and what's required from me each month?

Book a call now to let us know more about your center(s). We’ll discuss where you’re at, what your goals are and how we work to see if it’s the right fit.

Once you’re approved as a partner we’ll send you a brief list of what we need to get you started. Our fast and efficient on-boarding takes less than 1-hour of your time.

Almost all of our work is hands-off on your end and at times simply needs a quick approval, so you can save time and focus on managing your business and providing the highest level of customer service.

What are 'Business Upgrades'?

Get new systems, automation, fixes, designs and more every month! Our Business Upgrades are credits for hours of our work on improving all aspects of your business — whatever is most urgent and impactful for you at the time. This includes both on- and offline, to make the big picture work and convert better!

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for our clients:

✅ Setting up chat bots, email captures and various automations to help convert more first-time floaters

✅ Finding and fixing any bugs or gaps in your systems to recover lost conversions

✅ Upgrading your website to improve conversions with better copy, layout, and user experience or setting up landing pages within your sales funnels

✅ Creating strategy, design and promotion for events at your center

✅ Strategy and launch of new pricing options to improve membership conversions and customer retention

What's involved in the Facebook Ad Management?

We will maintain your Facebook ads by providing brief weekly updates and full monthly reports on key metrics, optimizations, and recommendations for your business.

This information will answer questions like:

  • How much am I spending on ads?
  • How much does it cost me to get someone to make a purchase?
  • How much revenue did I make from my ads?
  • What’s the return on my investment overall with Facebook ads?

And much, much more! Don’t be in the dark anymore with your marketing.

How much do I need to invest in my ad budget?

We require a minimum of $750 per center to get started and find that between $1,000 – $1,500 per location is ideal for most businesses.

Your ad spend is not included in the pricing above (our fees).

What kind of strategy and advice do you provide?

We work a little differently from most agencies or freelancers because we’re a lot more integrated directly into your business and act more like a business partner than a 3rd party. This allows us to get a full picture of what’s going on (along with proper access) so that we can work to improve the big picture and systems of your float center on a proactive basis. Doing it this way also increases efficiency and saves both of us a lot of time in unnecessary back and forth.

This does not just relate to your Facebook ads or social media, but every aspect of your business including pricing strategy, hiring, staff training and sales scripts, choosing or changing booking systems, reporting and key metrics, automations, strategic partnerships and more.

Think of us as your business partner who is there to help provide guidance, expertise, strategy and even someone to simply bounce ideas off of. Chances are that we probably have experience with what you’re going through or are thinking of doing and we can help you through that process to improve your business.

What's included in the social media posts each month?

First of all, we’ll help setup new systems that will schedule and automate your social media accounts to help you win back more of your time and effort.

Every month, we will create a new pack of 30 posts on Facebook and Twitter, along with 14 posts on Instagram. You’ll hand content creation for your social media management over to us and you or your team will be in charge of responding to comments and messages.

Do you respond to comments or messages on social media?

No, this is the one thing we don’t cover. We are able to set up systems to help alleviate some of the time and energy required to manage this though, including chat bots and better systems across your business to reduce questions or issues.

We free up as much time as possible for you and your team to focus all your efforts on customer service both online and offline to provide the best experience.

What if I offer other services too (ex. cryotherapy)?

We have partners who offer additional services (like cryotherapy and massage) on top of floating and we’ll discuss with you if your center is the right fit. While we are able to include these services or packages (ex. float and massage) in the ads we run, floating will be the main focus of our work as it’s what we do best.

Floating should be one of your primary services with at least 2-3 pods, tanks, rooms or cabins.

Do I need to give big discounts or deals to get results?

No, discounts and deals are not required!

We pride ourselves on driving clicks, leads, and most importantly purchases based on proven systems that don’t require you to cut into your profits. If based on your business and strategy, you decide to do them at any time we can implement that into your ads and help discuss the best option to bring long-term value based on our expertise. Many of our partners come to us initially being stuck in a cycle with their customers where they’re waiting on and anticipating the schedule that’s been established for running promotions (which often keeps them from becoming a member) and we have successfully helped to shift them away from promotions into a more established and growing membership base.

Our work is always focused on driving recurring revenue through memberships (if you offer them), increasing the frequency of floating for members and customers, and improving retention overall.

There are also ways that you can incentivize customers by offering and adding more value rather than discounting and cutting into your revenue. We’ve successfully utilized this strategy many times both for launches of new centers and promotions for existing centers.

We build better systems and develop strategy for your business to help you retain customers longer, so any promotions you do pay off more in the long run.

p.s. We have a strict no-Groupon policy, if you’d like to partner with us you will need to cancel any promotions beforehand. Feel free to ask us why!

Do you actually know floating? Have you floated before?

We have experience with floating dating back to 2012 — have worked with more than 19 float centers starting back in 2015 and floated at 7 different locations around the world so far.

Currently, and many times in the past, I’ve (Bryce) maintained a consistent weekly floating practice, along with experiencing an overnight float (8+ hours), double floats, and a stretch of every day for two weeks in 2018 and 2021. We’re regularly experimenting to better understand the benefits and practice of floatation therapy with over 300 hours of floating so far. Adding to this, we’re very familiar with most of the common systems used to run float centers including Float Helm, Mindbody, Acuity and others.

We’ve helped to successfully launch brand new centers in new markets (educating the area on floating), launched second locations for our partners and worked to upgrade and expand existing float centers around the world.

From our experience and what we’ve heard from our partners, you’re unlikely to find anyone with our expertise who knows floating both personally and professionally so well.

What are the tools and assets that I'm saving money on?

Over the years, we’ve tested and collected a bunch of the best tools and assets that we’ve found helped float centers to have the most success, which includes marketing automations, email capture forms, contest apps, and professional photo and educational video content specific to float therapy.

Previously, our partners paid for these services on top of our plan and fees. Now, we’ve baked it into our pricing at a discounted rate to not only improve efficiency and save time for both sides, but also to ensure that every partner has what they need to succeed. In total, you’re saving around $350+ USD every month.

Does it cost more to launch a float center with your help?

Yes, there are additional fees that come with launching a new float center as there is always more set up required as well as a lot more of our time dedicated to helping with strategy and supporting you through the entire process. We have a proven strategy focused around driving pre-sales of memberships that we’ve used across multiple different launches we’ve worked on, with a 100% success rate so far, so we are confident that we will make it worth your while and set your new business up in the best possible position that it can be in before your doors even open.

On average, our launch strategy and campaigns run between 3 – 4 months long before you open your doors to the public and you should expect to budget somewhere between $2,000 – $3,000 per month strictly for your advertising budget (not including our fees).

Keep in mind that by the time you open, you should expect to have a significant amount of recurring revenue already developed through the pre-sale memberships we’ll be selling for you (our goal for each launch so far has been 100, which again we’ve achieved every time). We also work to convert this into as many referrals and reviews as possible, which leads to many more new customers each month.

Before we get started, we will need to have a more thorough conversation to get a better idea of who you are as well as the vision and details of the type of float center you’re looking to open for us to get an idea of whether we think it’s the right fit.

If you’re interested, book a call with us now and let’s chat!

No Commitment

Our partners stick with us because of the results, our plan is month-to-month and only requires 30 days notice to cancel after you move past your first month with us.

Compounding Benefits

We’re like a great first float! You’ll love the first month results and they’ll only get better over time as the benefits begin compounding.

Years of Experience + Solid Results

We’ve been working in the industry for years, helping launch and grow top float centers since 2015 and floating consistently for over 300 hrs.

See Our Case Studies

Reduced approx. cost per purchase by 65% in the first month for one partner compared to previous ads Results for Mar. 2022

"We have worked with so many different companies for our marketing in only 2 years and none of them have been as knowledgeable, responsive or transparent as Bryce. Just in the first month, they caught and fixed major issues with our website and systems while cutting the cost of our purchases by more than 50% with our ads. Highly recommended!"

+164% Increase in revenue from ads | -51% decrease in cost per purchase | June 2018

— Alyssa & Tom Palermo, Light Side Floats

Upgrade every month, grow your profits

Constantly improve your business systems or save up for a campaign for the holidays.
Our skills and expertise span across sales, marketing, and design to cover it all.
Business Strategy
Responsive Websites
Fixing Key Errors
Professional Design
Chat Bots

We increased returning customers for one partner by 300% compared to the previous month.

"We have been with Bryce and More Floats for a couple years. We started with them at the beginning of 2020 right before the pandemic, we actually had to close for a few months due to the pandemic. More Floats has always been a great collaborator and we've really seen tremendous results since coming out of the pandemic.

Our sales in 2020, which we were closed for about 22% of the year, were down 26% when compared to 2019 total sales, but 2021 which we've been open the whole time we’ve seen about a 41% increase over 2019.

So far since the 2021 holiday season, Bryce and his team have really stepped up to the plate and their ads have been really resonating and bringing in tons of clients. December 2021 was a 100% increase over 2020 and January 2022 was a 100% increase over January 2021 and we just continue to see more and more positive growth with More Floats. They stay on top of the continuous changes and roadblocks Facebook continuously roll out. Their ability to recognize the change, make changes to your ads, along with continuously evaluating and modifying them for maximum performance is unbelievable.

As a business owner you don’t have time to stay on top of marketing to the degree required to be successful. I sleep well at night knowing I have Bryce and his team keeping my marketing hitting on all cylinders and maximizing my ad spend for the biggest return on investment. I would highly recommend them, going with a marketing company that their expertise is in floats and what we do in a float center really is the necessary edge you need because they understand the business, they're also avid floaters and that's an important thing, as you know. We couldn't recommend Bryce and More Floats more you will not regret it."

Partner since Jan. 2020

— Jessie Puryear, Urban Float University Place

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