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Partner with us to ensure your tanks are full, first-time floaters become members and money is spent wisely bringing solid ROI each month, paying for our expertise and growing your profit!

🔥 We achieved 32% higher sales in June for a partner compared to 2017 🔥

Get More For Your Money, Guaranteed


Whether you’re launching a new center, preparing for expansion or need to fill your tanks, we’ll get you set up, fix any issues in your systems and build off your current success. Our small, dedicated team of two passionate floaters cover it all and help pay our costs right away through masterful Facebook ads for your center(s).

Lower Costs

We will continue to decrease the cost of getting new leads, customers, and members of your float center with weekly optimizations.

Increase ROI

Get more for your money. You will see incredible returns from your ads, bringing up to 5x or more back to your business in cold, hard cash.

Retain Members

Follow up with curious website visitors, first-time floaters or people who are experienced and due to become a member by remarketing.

Get Monthly Reports that Break Records


We will keep you up-to-date on the most important metrics for your ads and overall with your float center, while we take care of everything for you. Get the key metrics shown clearly, without all the clutter, so you’re confident in the results we are driving for your center.

* Actual first-month results from a client’s report

Watch the sales grow and exceed your goals with our expert advice, upgrades, and ads covering all aspects of your business.
We’ll bring in first-time floaters every month and win them over as members to keep driving your sales higher.
See the return on ad spend (investment) from your Facebook ads and how it fits into the bigger picture of how we’re improving your business.
Keep track of any current promotions and key goals for that month with the most important metrics customized to your center and strategy.
Discover how much each purchase costs from your ads and watch it decrease over time.
Get clear metrics on how much revenue is coming from your ads and stay up to date on what you’re spending.

"We had our best week and month ever the first month - and it was a huge help in launching our second center! Every month after, we've continued to get much better returns and lower costs to bring in purchases.

The ROI is very clear and always better than I expect. Some of our best performing ads are simply reminding customers to come back without any promotion! I don't have to worry about our ads anymore, plus our website got a massive upgrade and they constantly have great ideas to bring forward for the business. Highly recommended!"

461% Monthly ROAS | +26% increase in returning customers | Feb. 2018

— Dylan Brown, Tao Float Loft

First-Month ROAS Results

* ROAS=Return On Ad Spend. Stats taken directly from Facebook Ad Manager. Ad performance and results will improve over time.


Tao Float Loft


Enlighten Float


Float Station

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$ 1,497

USD Per Month
  • FREE Initial Set Up ($750)
  • 4 hrs. Business Upgrades
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Monthy Reports
  • Weekly Updates & Insights
  • 2 hrs. Consulting Calls
  • 3 New Ads /mo. ($450 value)
  • Discounted Rates (20% off)
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Need more? Ask us about our new Delta plan (best for large centers or multiple locations)!

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us. After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

— Ryan Ariko, Float Station

Our tanks are filling up, only 2 more spots left!

Upgrade your business every month, and easily pay it off

Count on us to help every step of the way. Use your Business Upgrade credits each month or save them up for bigger projects.
Design & Layout
Marketing & Sales
Social Media
Content Creation
Image Curation
Logo Design/Branding
Responsive Websites
Online Bookings
Email Marketing
Facebook Ads

Your strategic road map

Get a thorough game plan of how we’ll invest our time, get compounding results (just like floating) and utilize your Business Upgrades to exceed your current goals and start brainstorming bigger ones.

"We have worked with so many different companies for our marketing in only 2 years and none of them have been as knowledgeable, responsive or transparent as Bryce and Mariana. Just in the first month, they caught and fixed major issues with our website and systems while cutting the cost of our purchases by more than 50% with our ads. Highly recommended!"

+164% Increase in revenue from ads | -51% decrease in cost per purchase | June 2018

— Alyssa & Tom Palermo, Light Side Floats

What's included in the initial setup?

Every setup includes:

  • Set up your Facebook pixel (for tracking) on your website and booking system
  • Manage your Facebook Ads Manager to better track and display results
  • Provide a full review of any past and current ads
  • Integrate what’s working and optimize your current ads to do better
  • Discuss budget, strategy and current business status or challenges
  • Create up to 8 ads initially to start bringing in results within the first week

The initial set up takes 48 hours on average, not including any delays or additional setup. Any ads not used during the initial setup (due to budget or other restrictions) will be kept as a credit on your account.

How do I start and what's required from me each month?

You can get started by hitting the “Apply Now ” button and letting us know more about your center(s). We’ll review it and get back to you ASAP for more info, to book a call or to get started if it’s the right fit for both of us.

When getting started, we will need the following from you:

  • Your Ad Account ID #. Once we have that, we will send a request to manage your float centre ads on Facebook for you to accept.
  • Provide admin/backend access to your website
  • Set up account with admin access to Float Helm, MindBody or booking/sales system
  • Provide exported email subscriber and customer lists (as a .CSV file on a monthly basis)
  • Send a Dropbox or Google Drive folder of your best photos/graphics/logo
  • Tell us your monthly ad budget (or be prepared to discuss and we’ll help)
  • Let us know your main goals – examples are:
    • Get more first-time floaters
    • Entice past customers to return
    • Increase our email list
    • Sell past customers on memberships

Once we have all of this, we will get started on the initial setup and put your ads together to start bringing in results and more floats!

What are 'Business Upgrades'?

Get new systems, automation, fixes, designs and more every month! Our Business Upgrades are credits for hours of our work on improving any aspect of your business. This spans across every aspect of your business, both on- and offline, to make the big picture work (and convert) better!

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for our clients:

âś… Setting up email captures and automation to help convert more first-time floaters

âś… Finding and fixing any bugs or gaps in your systems to recover lost conversions

âś… Upgrading your website to improve conversions with better copy, layout, and user experience

What's involved in the Facebook Ad Management?

We will maintain your Facebook ads by providing brief weekly updates and full monthly reports on key metrics, optimizations, and recommendations for your business.

This information will answer questions like:

  • How much am I spending on ads?
  • How much does it cost me to get someone to make a purchase?
  • How much revenue did I make from my ads?
  • What’s the return on my investment overall with Facebook ads?

And much, much more! Don’t be in the dark anymore with your marketing.

Do my credits roll over each month (if it's not used)?

Yes. We honestly don’t know what else to do with them, aside from help you. 

What if I offer other services too (ex. cryotherapy)?

We have partners who offer additional services (like cryotherapy and massage) on top of floating and we’ll discuss with you if your center is the right fit.

Floating should be one of your primary services with at least 2-3 pods.

Why do I need a consulting call?

You can use this for many purposes and each month may be different. Perhaps you’d like our advice on an upcoming promotion or campaign. Next month we may provide you with key suggestions for improving your brand and communicating your unique value online. Calls can be 30 or 60 mins. Feel free to use this for tapping into our advice, expertise or support to help you reach your goals and true potential.

What are the discounted rates for?

We love awesome clients like you, and we want to help you grow as much as possible – so we’re providing you with exclusive discounts on additional work and projects. As long as you’re on the Theta plan, you will receive discounts on any extra work with no restrictions.

This could be redesigning your website, running a launch or campaign and more!

How much do I need to invest in my ad budget?

There’s no one right answer for this, especially with the variety of different float centers across the world and everyone having different goals. We will work with you to determine the budget that works for you, to begin with, and the results we bring can help grow this over time.

Do I need to sign up at the start of the month?

Nope. Please apply as soon as you’re ready and we’ll work to get you set up and prepared for the next month if it’s the right fit.

Do I need to give big discounts or deals?

No h*ckin way — discounts and deals are not required!

We pride ourselves on driving leads, clicks, and purchases based on proven systems that don’t require you to cut into your profits. If based on your business and strategy, you decide to do them at any time we can implement that into your ads.

Our work will also help build better systems and strategy for your business to help you retain more customers over time, so any promotions you do pay off more in the long run.

p.s. We have a strict no-Groupon policy, if you’d like to partner with us you will need to cancel any promotions beforehand. Feel free to ask us why!

No Commitment

All of our plans are month-to-month and only require 30 days notice to cancel (excluding your first month). We offer a significant bonus for signing up for a 6-month commitment on our Theta package, giving a free landing page.

Compounding Benefits

We’re like a great first float! You’ll love the first month results and they’ll only get better over time as the benefits begin compounding.

Years of Solid Results

We’ve been working in the industry for years, helping launch and grow top float centers since 2015 and floating consistently for over 100 hrs.

"We did much better than expected — having our best week and month in sales ever in just the first month! The ads they created were beautiful and engaging, aligned with our brand and most importantly brought in a lot of new customers and holiday sales for us. Plus, they improved our website design for better conversions as part of the business upgrades, which boosted our overall sales for the month. Highly recommended!"

546% ROAS | 126% compared to previous best month sales | Dec. 2017

— Mel Satuito, Enlighten Float

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