We’ve Spent More Than

300 Hours Floating

We have experienced the profound benefits of floating over the last 10 years in our own lives and by using our expertise, skills, and knowledge of the industry to help more people discover it for themselves.

Our Mission

We help people around the world discover the full transformative power of float therapy for their health and lives as a regular wellness practice by creating educational content, sharing stories and implementing holistic marketing systems in our partner float centers that lead the industry towards positive growth and impact.

First Float

Was over 10 years ago in 2012.

One Time

Bryce floated for the entire night.


Bryce floated 15 days in a row more than 3X.

Our Company Values

Health first

We encourage our employees, our partners and the customers who float at the centres we work with to all put their health first. We prioritize the things that help us be at our best and most effective including floating, physical exercise, and maintaining work/life balance.

Playing the long game

We are always looking at things from a long term perspective, meaning we do not take shortcuts or try to cheat for short term gain. Our aim is to build long term partnerships and grow the float centers that we work with in a sustainable way that brings long term value for everyone, including the impact on the lives of the people floating at our partners centers.

Open communication, highlighting stories

Both as a team and with our partners we work to maintain open and transparent communication at all times, while encouraging people to share their stories of how floating has improved their health and lives to showcase the power of this unique wellness practice.

Deep passion and ongoing knowledge

Every member of our team is deeply passionate about floating and maintains a regular weekly practice in their own lives to continue to learn and experience more that we can bring to our work and impact. We are also driven to excel and be our best by constantly learning to expand our expertise so that we stay ahead of the trends and continue to bring results.

Work smarter

In everything we do, we strive to achieve greater efficiency, automation and keep our focus on the things that will bring the most impact to free up our time and energy to enjoy life.

Discover what it’s like to work with experts, who know exactly how to get you more floats

Our work has helped elevate some of the industry leaders and we’ve got solid metrics to back up our beautiful designs. We’re here to make your life easier running your center and hosting floats doing what we know best.

Bryce Evans

Currently, I have a consistent float practice that's at least once a week, which I've maintained all throughout 2019 up to now. Previously, my practice has varied with around 300 hours built up over my years of early explorations with floating and work in the industry starting back in 2012. My first float in a basement 150kms away from home gave me an intense experience to overcome a past trauma of nearly drowning. Later floats granted me the gifts of mystical experiences, fixing my lower back issues, healing past athletic injuries, creative breakthroughs, lower anxiety, and a reset button for my stress. After working for top international brands around the world and a few float centers, I'm focusing my efforts to help grow the industry because the world needs more floats.
Committed and Connected To The Greater Float Community

We’re proud members of the FTA

As part of our mission to expand the float industry, we are proud members of the Floatation Tank Association and invest our time and effort into projects that bring more awareness and education of float therapy to the world, like our industry-wide #WhyWeFloat campaign we initiated with Float House.