We’ve Spent More Than

300 Hours Floating

We are a pair of creatives that have experienced the profound benefits of floating over the last 9 years using our expertise, skills, and knowledge of the industry to help more people discover it for themselves.

Discover what it’s like to work with floating experts, who know exactly how to get you more floats

Our work has helped elevate some of the industry leaders and we’ve got solid metrics to back up our beautiful designs. We’re here to make your life easier running your center and hosting floats doing what we know best.

First Float

Was over 9 years ago in 2012.

One Time

Bryce floated for the entire night.

Bryce Evans

Currently, I have a consistent float practice that's at least once a week, which I've maintained all throughout 2019 up to now. Previously, my practice has varied with around 300 hours built up over my years of early explorations with floating and work in the industry. My first float in a basement 150kms away gave me an intense experience to overcome a past trauma of nearly drowning. Later floats granted me the gifts of mystical experiences, fixing my lower back issues, healing past athletic injuries, creative breakthroughs, lower anxiety, and a reset button for my stress. After working for top international brands around the world and a few float centers, I'm focusing my efforts to help grow the industry because the world needs more floats.

Mariana M.

Previous Co-Founder. Hi! I’m Mariana, I’m a big advocate for time off from social media and our digital devices in a world that seems more connected and anxious than ever. In a past life, I worked with media and tech companies and now I dedicate my efforts towards raising awareness of floating to make the world a calmer, healthier, more introspective place, that disconnects to reconnect.