Best Month Ever + 224% Higher ROAS in Dec. compared to 2017

Year In Review

Jan. – Dec. 2018 | Theta plan


More New Customers (1 Mo.)


Best Month's ROAS


Lowest Cost of Avg. Sales

Goals: Build customer base at new location, increase memberships and retention

The following case study is from one full calendar year of working with Tao Float Loft as one of our partners and the corresponding results of our work.

We used their Business Upgrade hours to accomplish projects like: revamping more of their website, creating a new page to highlight memberships, setting up email and Facebook messenger automations, helping to hire new staff and providing pricing, campaign and event strategies throughout the year.

A Glimpse Into What We Covered This Year

New Membership Page

Website Redesign & Fixes

Email Marketing

Help with Hiring

Event Planning

Messenger Automations

New Records All Around 🚀


Coming off of new records we’d set for Tao Float Loft during last Christmas in 2017, we worked to build their membership and set up systems that increased retention. We broke their top sales by 11% and 66% at their two locations in December 2018 with stronger ads and new systems.

$6.57 drop in avg. cost per purchase (Dec. 2017 vs. Dec. 2018)

"We had our best week and month ever the first month - and it was a huge help in launching our second center! Every month after, we've continued to get much better returns and lower costs to bring in purchases.

The ROI is very clear and always better than I expect. Some of our best performing ads are simply reminding customers to come back without any promotion! I don't have to worry about our ads anymore, plus our website got a massive upgrade and they constantly have great ideas to bring forward for the business. Highly recommended!"

461% Monthly ROAS | +26% increase in returning customers | Feb. 2018

— Dylan Brown, Tao Float Loft

We increased Tao Float Loft’s active members by 1300% compared to their previous year.

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