We sold out 100 Founding memberships 41 days early and 49% under budget on ad spend, selling more than 200 total.

Successfully (Re)Launched πŸš€

Jul. – Oct. 2022 | Launch plan

Founding Membership Goal (202%)


Ad Budget Needed To Hit 100 Members

  • Succeeded in the launch goal of signing up 100 Founding Members
  • Got 100 members with 49% less ad budget than expected
  • Extended the sale and sold 202 total Founding Memberships
  • Ended launch campaign w/ approx. $11,000 USD recurring revenue
  • The first member signed up within 3 mins. of the first email blast
  • 40% of members were new customers (no history w/ previous owner)
  • 42 new 5-star reviews across Google and Facebook
  • Surpassed total monthly revenue and had the best sales in any August of the history of the business in his first month open
  • Highest active member revenue in the first month of the relaunch!

A Unique Challenge…


Sean reached out after taking over ownership of a float center that was closed down under less than ideal circumstances. Unfortunately, this wasn’t clear at first, which left us in a tough predicament to try to win back a lot of customers that felt ripped off from credits and gift cards that were no longer valid.

As usual, we worked hard to develop a Founding Membership offer that was immediately compelling, but also created a separate strategy to address the concerns and losses from people in the community who would likely be great customers for this new business, but not without being heard or considered properly. It was a tricky situation to ensure that we tried to do what we could for them to win them back as customers, while also limiting the offers so that it didn’t tank The Float Loft before he could open or get sustainable.

Thankfully, the strategies paid off big as we doubled our Founding Membership goal and our hard work with the team at The Float Loft to provide a far superior experience to the past drove tons of new 5-star reviews to shift people’s perspective of the center and business under this new ownership and management.

A Glimpse Into What We Covered

Pricing Strategy

Launch Contest

Improving Brand Image

Email Marketing

Video Creation

Automated Emails

Driving 5-Star Reviews

Website Redesign

Orchestrating Another Successful Launch πŸš€


We leveraged stories from their local community from people who had floated before in the past to help educate new customers, along with early reviews from his first customers to lessen any concerns from those that had history with the issues of the previous ownership. With a contest, membership pre-sales and support in pricing strategy β€” we worked to provide key advice from our past experience launching float centres to help make it as smooth as possible, while driving recurring revenue before the doors even opened.

We gained 202 memberships from our relaunch campaign (initial goal of 100). If you're on the fence and you're looking for the next thing to get your business out there, to get known and spike up your revenue, then More Floats is what you need.

There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

β€” Sean Richey, The Float Loft

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