We sold out 100 Founding memberships early (before grand opening) using 20% less ad budget than planned!

Successfully Launched ๐Ÿš€

Jul. – Oct. 2021 | Launch plan

Founding Membership Goal


Expected Ad Spend

  • Succeeded in the launch goal of signing up 100 Founding Members
  • Got 100 members with 20% less ad budget than expected
  • The first member signed up within nine days of ads going live
  • Built an email list of over 1,300 from scratch

Getting Started


Nikole reached out to us about 3 months prior to her opening for help with her Facebook advertising for the launch of her new Float + Cryo business that was under construction. They plan was for 1 tandem open float tank, 1 closed float pod, a 5 person infrared sauna, local cryo therapy wand, local cryotherapy pod, oxygen and compression therapy through normatec to all be offered.

We set our launch plans in place and worked with her to develop a compelling Founding Membership offer focused on floating. Her center was the first in the area, so we worked hard to educate the community and build trust that allowed us to pre-sell memberships before she even opened the doors!

A Glimpse Into What We Covered

Pricing Strategy

Launch Contest

Email List Building

Email Marketing

Video Creation

Automated Emails

Messenger Automations

Website Pop Ups

Orchestrating Another Successful Launch ๐Ÿš€


We leveraged stories from their local community from people who had floated before in the past to help educate new customers. With a contest, membership pre-sales and support in pricing strategy โ€” we worked to provide key advice from our past experience launching float centres to help make it as smooth as possible, while driving recurring revenue before the doors even opened.

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