We helped Float Hub gain over 100 five star reviews and become #1 London Spa on Tripadvisor in it's first 3 months

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Apr. – Aug. 2019 | Theta+ plan


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Goals: Build a premium brand, website, and strategy to launch with a solid membership

Float Hub reached out to us after finding our past case studies with a logo, soon-to-be signed lease and big plans to launch London’s largest premium float centre in the middle of Shoreditch.

We helped establish their premium brand and quickly developed a website worthy of their goals and vision. Before launching, we put together a strategy for a contest and advertising that built awareness, collected email leads and pre-sold memberships. Among many challenges that came up throughout the launch, we achieved their pre-launch goal in the first month of opening and quickly built momentum to build a strong membership base and 5-star reputation for the centre.

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We were focused on building up enough awareness and urgency around the launch of Float Hub’s premium centre, which informed how we approached their opening schedule. With a contest, membership pre-sales and a soft launch — we worked to provide key advice from our past experience launching float centres to help make it as smooth as possible, while driving revenue before the doors even opened.

"More Floats were a great help to Float Hub as we prepared to, and launched our float centre. Dealing with so many reports at once during the build phase was heading for overwhelm, and it was a massive comfort to have capable marketers involved who really understand floating, as well as the paths clients take as they prepare to experience it.

They delivered a beautiful website in a tight timeframe, created a buzz around our launch, and helped us to quickly establish a valuable membership base. In ~3 months we reached #1 out of 800+ spas on TripAdvisor in London, which wouldn't have been possible without the early guidance & buzz More Floats delivered."

— Tom Euinton, Float Hub

We built Float Hub’s active members to more than 200% of launch goal less than 2 months after opening (261 total active members).

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