46% Higher Sales than their first location opening!

First Month Results

Dec. 2017 |Theta plan & Facebook results (3 weeks only)


New Customers


Return On Ad Spend


Lowest Cost of Pre-Sales

Goals: Launch New Location, Rock The Holidays

Tao Float Loft had their new Mariemont location opening in December and was referred to us at the last minute to help drive pre-sales and bookings.

We used their Business Upgrade hours to revamp their website fixing key issues and improving the design for better conversions. Our strategy for the month revolved around pre-sales and holiday specials while prioritizing bookings to fill their new tanks.


What We Covered That Month

Facebook Landing Page

Website Redesign & Fixes

SEO + Speed Improvements

SSL Added

Video Captions Added

Promotional Designs

New Records All Around 👏


For launching a new float center, we knew we’d need to launch off the current community and success of Tao Float Loft while driving unique awareness around the new location. Instead of cannibalizing sales from their main location, we set new records for both. 

Our top performing ad got 2031% ROAS in the first week!

Best Month Ever in Sales for West Chester location!

Weekly Optimizations for Ads

These are a sample of the optimizations that were made throughout the month that helped to improve ad performance and increase conversions.

Increase Ad Budget

Narrow Targeting

Remove Dead Ads

Add New Audiences

Change Photos / Visuals

Turn Off Ad Placements

"We had our best week and month ever the first month - and it was a huge help in launching our second center! Every month after, we've continued to get much better returns and lower costs to bring in purchases.

The ROI is very clear and always better than I expect. Some of our best performing ads are simply reminding customers to come back without any promotion! I don't have to worry about our ads anymore, plus our website got a massive upgrade and they constantly have great ideas to bring forward for the business. Highly recommended!"

461% Monthly ROAS | +26% increase in returning customers | Feb. 2018

— Dylan Brown, Tao Float Loft

We increased Tao Float’s return on ad spend by 185% compared to their previous month.

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