Achieved their best month and week in sales ever!

First Month Results

December 2017 |  Theta plan


New Customers


Total Impressions


Percentage of New Customers

Goals: Get more first-time floaters

We used their Business Upgrade hours to design and send out their monthly newsletter featuring their Holiday sale as well as revamping their website to have more information for first-time customers.

Website Optimization Before and After

What We Covered That Month

FB Ads Management

Website Sale banner

Email Newsletter

Website Optimizations

Video Captions Added

Promotional Designs

New Records All Around


Float Center wanted to get more people floating in their center and the holidays was a prime opportunity for us to drive sales of floats and gift cards during the first month. We also developed a long-term strategy with a plan to turn those first-time floaters into members.

Link clicks for as low as $0.18

28% increase compared to previous best week in sales

Weekly Optimizations for Ads

These are a sample of the optimizations that were made throughout the month that helped to improve ad performance and increase conversions.

Increase Ad Budget

Narrow Targeting

Remove Dead Ads

Add New Audiences

Change Photos / Visuals

Turn Off Ad Placements

We increased Float Center’s ROAS by 124% compared to their previous month in sales.

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