Increased Membership by 50% in 5 Months with Highest Number of Active Members!

5 Month Review

Apr. – Aug. 2019 | Theta + plan


Increase in Members


Revenue from New Members


Highest Monthly ROAS

Goal: Build membership and retention to move away from current promotion cycle

Float Culture joined as a partner with the goal of seeing if Facebook advertising was still effective for their business after managing it themselves, along with surpassing a membership ceiling they’d hit and maintained.

We worked to create new content on their website and blog (including a page to highlight the benefits of membership and consistent floating), set up and improve systems for marketing automation, and creating social media content to reengage their community. Finally, we worked to develop a strategy around incentivizing people to become members with a special and contest that ran for a few months.

A Glimpse Into What We Covered

Blog Post Creation

Contest + Campaign Strategy

New Automations

Social Media Content

Consulting Calls

Email Marketing

Continuing to Break Records 👏


Our professional Facebook ads and additional efforts using the Business Hours leveraged the powerful testimonials and existing video content that Float Culture had to win over new members, retain existing ones, and grow their business as we moved them away from their existing promotion cycle.

Float Culture had their highest attendance year over year 4 out of the 5 months.

"We worked with Bryce to see if we could improve our Facebook advertising and increase our membership past a ceiling we'd hit in our numbers. In only 5 months of their strategy and work, we increased our membership by 50%, consistently increased attendance, along with improving our retention as well. There was a big shift in our business thanks to their expertise and we'd highly recommend their services!"

— Anton Kuznetsov, Float Culture

We increased Float Culture’s active members by 50% in only 5 months

(43% higher than 2 year growth in 2017/2018).

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