60% of our partners had their Best Month Ever in Dec. 2022

Breaking All-Time Records

Nov-Dec. 2022 | Theta plan partners

Best Month Ever Achieved

  • 60% of our partners had their Best Month Ever in total sales for the history of their float center
  • Tracked purchases on Facebook more than doubled (232%) in December 2022 compared to 2021 across all partners
  • Our partner’s average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for the month of December was 200%+ (up to 502% ROAS)
  • One partner more than doubled their ROAS from Facebook ads this year compared to Dec. 2021
  • Over the holidays, all partners’ average cost-per-click (CPC) went down 43% compared to pre-holiday campaigns. This is unusual and shows a significant increase in our ad performance and engagement. Ad costs often rise significantly during the holidays each year because most businesses promote much more all at once.

Custom Landing Pages, Checkouts & Upsells


We tested out a new strategy this year to develop custom landing pages and checkouts for our partners with add-ons and upsells that significantly increased the average order value.

Split tested and fully optimized call-to-actions throughout each landing page to boost purchase conversions!
Optimized for mobile first to ensure a quick and easy checkout experience, including Apple and Google pay integrations for purchase done in seconds!
Secure custom checkout through Stripe with add-on purchases and upsells that increased average order value significantly across our partners!

A Glimpse Into What We Covered

Landing Page Creation

Live Chat

Automated Emails

Email Marketing

Spreading The Calm + Holiday Cheer! 🎅


We knew this would be a challenging holiday season with so many stresses on everyone’s plates… Many people were not looking to spend as much, for various reasons, but a lot of these issues made floating even more of a perfect gift to help everyone pause, relax and reset from all of the stress and rising anxiety (we saw some sobering trends on Google about this…). So we focused our efforts on a lot of new strategies and more video content to help educate people on why a float would be a memorable and helpful gift for your loved ones to start 2023 off right. We wanted to focus our efforts on better educating and advertising, rather than resorting to deeper discounts to drive sales. Thankfully, we saw big boosts across the board for our partners from the new systems and investments we made!

We've hit many milestones over the years that we've been working with More Floats, including surpassing our best month ever in total sales multiple times. In Dec. 2022, we hit our latest with an increase of 23% in sales over the previous record and we are close to doubling our active members since starting with them.

If you want the best for your brand and the most out of your marketing budget, they're the way to go!

— John Koyama, Float Clinic

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