Beta Coming Soon!

Thank you, we’ll reach out to you soon and keep you notified.

We're building something special for the float industry based on close to a decade of experience understanding how to educate, sell, and support people in establishing life-changing float practices.

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All your questions, answered ✅

Are we required to work with you as an agency to use these systems?

No, it is not required for you to work with us to use our systems.

Our partners will receive these systems included in our services at no additional cost. They will also get Business Upgrades to have the systems constantly improved or added onto as we develop them further.

Anyone will be able to subscribe to use our systems for a monthly fee.

This will likely replace some of your current systems, reducing costs on your end.

What will these systems do for my center?

We will start with a Beta version, including the most impactful core systems.

As we launch, we’ll have a roadmap of the future features we’ll integrate to bring together more automation to grow your float center.

Some of the features to look forward to include:

  • Automated follow-ups for any new leads
  • Automated follow-ups customized to the customer’s floating journey
  • Review requests and management
  • Surveys to help educate and understand why your customers float
  • Lead generation tools to help win over first-time floats
  • Simplified and unified customer response center
  • Education center for you and your staff to sell floating better
  • Custom API connection to your booking system *

* Please note that some features may incur additional costs and may not be available depending on which booking and sales system you currently use. 

Am I able to set these up and use them myself?

Yes, of course!

We will offer these on a subscription basis for you to do it yourself with our guides and expert strategies baked into them.

If you don’t have the time, need it set up quickly, or want the best chance of success — we’ll be offering an onboarding package to guide you on how to use it and do the setup for you to customize it better for your float center.

For any new partners, this will be part of your onboarding in your first month after our systems launch.

How can I access these systems now?

Our active partners will be the first to get access to our new systems, so you can apply to join as a partner and gain all of the benefits of our expertise, along with early access to elevate your float center.

We’re expecting to start onboarding partners around the end of Q2.