We have undergone a lot of evolution since we officially formed More Floats in 2017, learning so much more about how to launch, run and grow float centers around the world and implementing that to improve the results we get for our partners. We’re proud to say that we’ve been an integral part in the success of many of the top float centers. As we transition into 2022, it only felt right to mark this evolution and the next step in our mission with a new brand and logo.

New Logo Meaning

Our new logo is meant to symbolize a float pod, while representing both the increasing marketing/sales results that we drive for our partners, along with the constant personal growth and transformation that happens for each person floating at our partner centers and through the larger efforts that we provide for the whole float therapy industry.

The main application of our logo is on a true black background to represent the pitch black and sensory deprivation aspects of the floating experience.

We have heard incredible stories and witnessed powerful transformations happen from those who float regularly and through our work we want to not only showcase these stories more, but make it more clear to others so they can transform themselves as well. More stories, more qualified research, more floats.

What’s To Come

This is one of the first steps of what’s to come for our business, as we continue to improve what we offer in the pursuit of discovering and implementing the template for the perfect* float center. Last month, 40% of our partners had their Best Month Ever and 90% had better sales than Dec. 2020 (3 of them more than doubled).

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* as close as you can get to it.