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Strategies used to launch float centers worldwide with 200+ members on day one!

More Floats were a great help to Float Hub as we prepared to, and launched our float centre. Dealing with so many reports at once during the build phase was heading for overwhelm, and it was a massive comfort to have capable marketers involved who really understand floating, as well as the paths clients take as they prepare to experience it.

They delivered a beautiful website in a tight timeframe, created a buzz around our launch, and helped us to quickly establish a valuable membership base. In ~3 months we reached #1 out of 800+ spas on TripAdvisor in London, which wouldn't have been possible without the early guidance & buzz More Floats delivered.

Tom EuintonFloat Hub

We doubled our goal for founding memberships thanks to the captivating marketing strategy, contest and campaign Bryce put together for us.

After scouting him out online as an expert in the industry, the launch of our new business exceeded our expectations in so many ways and fast-tracked our massive success. Highly recommended!

Ryan ArikoFloat Station

We gained 202 memberships from our relaunch campaign (initial goal of 100). If you're on the fence and you're looking for the next thing to get your business out there, to get known and spike up your revenue, then More Floats is what you need.

There's no way that as a small business owner, you would be able to pull off what they're able to accomplish. It's just impossible. I highly recommend them!

Sean RicheyThe Float Loft

We were new to the wellness space and they were able to tell us the do’s and don’ts of how we can grow. After a successful holiday offer, we decided to commit to 12 months with More Floats. We had our best sales month in Dec. 2023 which was great to see.

The advice and guidance from them has been invaluable so we could be the best float and wellness center that we could be. Let them help you develop a plan to become the best float center in town with lots of bookings!

Daniel McCaffreyRevive Relax and Recover (Belfast)

I had just opened in March and I knew that for where I wanted to be, I needed help with someone who had expertise in marketing. Straight off the bat, I had people reaching out to me saying the quality of the advertising was immense and like nothing else they’d seen for any other wellness studio around. I’ve seen huge growth in those months. In Nov. we had the best month of sales and then that was blown out of the water by our December sales where we were up 277% higher in total sales. Expansion is now very much on the cards and I’m not entirely sure if that would have been possible without More Floats!

Barry JoyceFloat Well Celbridge

I was in my first year of ownership, and after getting my business legs, it was pretty clear that something wasn’t going accordingly. We weren’t seeing the type of revenue that we needed to sustain ourselves. We had been looking at $250-$450 average for the day and now we’re over $600 per day. My nerves are a lot more calmer working with More Floats and seeing the results. More Floats is able to drive the ad budget to see that revenue come back so it’s not wasted. We’re definitely making an impact… as I head into my 2nd year I have a lot more confidence. Hire More Floats!

Glenn RunyanBodymind/Stasis Float Center

After 6 months in, we felt we were reaching a plateau in sales and I was short in time and energy to do it myself. Having someone I can trust to take care of my marketing removed a big weight off my shoulders and freed up my time to extend my business hours. We started working with More Floats in October, in November we thought we had our best month in terms of sales and then in December we DOUBLED the sales of Nov which was amazing! I wish we started working with them earlier!

Stephanie BouchardMellow Float

We’re a wellness facility with a variety of services and floating was the one we needed help with the most. Everything from the onboarding that they did was super easy. In December, we saw the sales nearly DOUBLED from 2022 and we’re seeing new people every week that say they’ve seen the ads. Highly recommend More Floats!

Carla CooperThe Zaniya Center

As a multi-business owner, I struggled to give the time required for online marketing and it was becoming a focal point for stress in my life. I was very fortunate to find More Floats… they love floating! Since joining, our sales have been 230% higher than our previous best month ever and our holidays were 446% higher than the previous December. Sales are great, but the peace of mind is second to none. I have extra time to focus on the future of my business and to spend time with my family.

Alex RobertsonFloat One Glasgow

We've hit many milestones over the years that we've been working with More Floats, including surpassing our best month ever in total sales multiple times.
In Dec. 2022, we hit our latest with an increase of 23% in sales over the previous record and we are close to doubling our active members since starting with them.

If you want the best for your brand and the most out of your marketing budget, they're the way to go!

John KoyamaFloat Clinic

We have been with Bryce and More Floats for a couple years. We started with them at the beginning of 2020 right before the pandemic, we actually had to close for a few months due to the pandemic. More Floats has always been a great collaborator and we've really seen tremendous results since coming out of the pandemic.

I sleep well at night knowing I have Bryce and his team keeping my marketing hitting on all cylinders and maximizing my ad spend for the biggest return on investment.

Jessie PuryearUrban Float University Place

He gave us this 5-star website with a ton of information on floatation therapy. Having bi-weekly check-in calls gave us accurate info around numbers and invaluable advice to help convert people into members!

When we started with More Floats, we had 3 members, and now we have more than 50 members, it's the best it's ever been in terms of filling our capacity for our float tank. We're not only bringing new people in but bringing people back as well.

Daniel McCaffreyRevive Relax And Recover (Belfast)

This Book Will Teach You The Framework for Launching And Sustaining A Successful Float Center!

You will be able to:

  • Develop a robust pre-launch strategy that secures early memberships and builds anticipation in your community.

  • Craft a compelling marketing plan that resonates with your target audience and converts them into loyal customers.

  • Establish your brand’s identity and values in a way that authentically represents your vision and attracts your ideal clients.

  • Align your operations with industry best practices to ensure smooth day-to-day management and excellent customer experiences.

  • Accelerate your business growth with proven strategies for retention and community engagement, boosting impact and profitability of your float center.

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Meet The Author

Bryce Evans is the CEO of More Floats, a leading marketing agency for float centers, based in Montreal. With a deep personal connection to float therapy and over 400 hours of practice, Bryce leverages his extensive marketing expertise, previously honed with global brands like Nature Valley, LUSH Cosmetics, and Kia, to advance the float therapy industry.

Having worked with industry leaders such as Float House, he now focuses on creating educational content and showcasing inspiring stories to promote regular float practices. Bryce's goal is to spread calm, healing, and connection worldwide.
Bryce has collaborated with industry pioneers like Float House, once the largest float center in the world and the first in Vancouver, and has played a pivotal role in launching and enhancing top float centers globally. Now, he focuses on crafting educational content and capturing compelling stories about float therapy, aiming to inspire others to embrace regular float practices. Through his work, Bryce seeks to foster a wave of tranquility, healing, and connection worldwide.